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dosha quiz

Choose the answer under each question that best describes you in your truest form. Look to how you have been most of your life. Keep track of how many (A), (B), and (C) responses you get.


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Body frame is

A. Slim, difficult for me to gain weight.

B. Medium build, gain and lose weight easily with toned muscles.

C. Larger build, large muscles, hard to lose weight.


My eyes are

A. Small, tend to be dry

B. Medium, can be sensitive to light and get red

C. Large and round, shining


Hair is

A. Fine, straight, and often falls out.

B. Medium in texture, tends to be oily, premature graying

C. Thick and curly


My appetite is

A. Irregular, I snack more and eat small meals

B. Strong, I feel hungry and get irritable if I do not eat, I do not skip meals

C. Moderate, do not feel hungry and process meals slowly


My bowel movements are

A. Irregular, hard, and small

B. Regular, loose, and can be more than once a day

C. Mostly once a day, and are slow and solid


When I am stressed I tend to get

A. Worried, anxious, and/or confused

B. Irritable and/or agitated or short tempered

C. Withdrawn and mostly calm


My memory is

A. Quick to learn and quick to forget

B. Great memory

C. Slow to learn but once learned I do not forget


Which statement best describes you

A. Artistic, creative, imaginative, spiritual, an abstract thinker

B. Motivated, competitive, focused, tend to be a perfectionist, driven

C. Patient, caring, loving, seen as trustworthy a peace keeper


What’s your Dosha or also know as your Constitution?

All (A) responses respond to Vata, (B) to Pitta, (C) to Kapha. Tally up all your answers. Most likely you’ll find that you have dual doshas, Pitta/Kapha or Vata/Pitta. Not so common you may even find that you are tri-doshic and equal or nearly equal in all three Vata/Pitta/Kapha.


Now what? Knowing your constitution is helpful in understanding how you tick and when you are not in balance. Imbalances come from our daily actions, which include, what we eat, our sleeping patterns, and our work and play habits.


Finding the right balance is different for each of us. If you found that you have a higher amount of Pitta in your constitution take a look at the Pitta reducing line of products from body oils to teas. The same goes for Vata and Kapha.

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